Steal Bish Look!

I do not consider myself as a fashionable fashionista. I will steal a bish’s look in a hot minute. I like to find outfits that I like on Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook and try to recreate them. In my previous post (you should check it out) I mentioned that Amazon is my favorite place to be on earth. I know it’s a website.You can literally find anything on there. So why not DIY your wardrobe there as well.

This post is all about how to recreate a look using Amazon. My friends like to use my talents for their own personal wardrobe gains. So I thought to myself “self, you can add this to your blog”.  Another reason I absolutely love Amazon is because I am cheap and love a great deal. You can look great without wasting money on expensive name brands (no shade to those who are into name brands).

This is the first look we will steal!


Here are the items I found on Amazon. Continue reading below the picture for the details!




There are a few things i want you to know about Amazon:

  • It is absolutely worth investing in an Amazon Prime subscription ($99/yr). Or you can do like I do and use a friend/family member’s prime for free if you don’t feel like it would be worth the $99. This will allow for free 2-day shipping, free returns, and some other perks.
  • When ordering clothes you should always read the description to see how the sizes run. Sometimes the item may run small/big.
  • Because Amazon is awesome they allow customer to add photos of the actual product to their reviews. So you are able to see what the item will look like in real life (in a picture lol)
  • If something does not fit or you are not overall satisfied you can return the item.

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