My DIY Contouring & Highlighting Journey

I am on a quest to be able to beat my face to the GAWDS honey! So that includes mastering the art of contouring and highlighting. I feel like I am just missing something…the umph! I have watched just about every YouTube video out there on contouring. I feel like I am not seeing the results that my favorite YouTubbers are seeing. what in the world am I doing wrong.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist, nor is this a beauty blog. So that is why I will not be doing a walk-through tutorial on how to contour and highlight. I would like to share the products and techniques used. Remember I just mentioned that I am on a journey…a journey I want to share with you.

All of the products, except for one, are all drug store products. I have added the links to where you can find them on Amazon, remember I told you that I LOVE Amazon

This morning I had  like 2 extra minutes so I decided to take a stab (definitely not my first try) at the elusive beat that is contouring. So I began with my normal Maybelline FitMe in 322 matte + poreless foundation and blended with a blender sponge.

71NPRUgiP9L._SY679_                         BEAKEY 5 Pieces Makeup Blender Sponge set, Foundation Blending Sponge ,Flawlessfor Liquid, Creams, and Powders ,Multi Color Makeup Sponges

That’s the easy part, I can do that in the car, while eating. I literally have, please don’t call the police. Now it time for me to highlight. This entails applying concealer about two shades lighter than my color under my eyes, between my eyebrows, and small portion on my chin. Some of my makeup gurus on YouTube apply the bridge of their nose. I do not wish to contour my nose because I don’t want it to look different, I like my nose lol. No shade to those who do, it’s just a personal preference of mine. I used the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD in Ivory. With a different moist blender sponge (simply run it under somewater and give it a couple of squeezes) I blended the concealer.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer, Light Ivory, 0.28 Ounce

To stop creasing from happening and to ensure the longevity of the makeup under the eye, one must “bake” or set their concealer. So I invested in this awesome setting powder Sacha Buttercup Powder in Buttercup Light. BUTTERCUP POWDER. No flashback. No ashy look. Face powder for medium to deep skin tones. 1.0 ounceI Love this stuff. I use it to set my whole face as well, but that’s at the end. The baking process happens when you let the powder sit for about 10 mins. It is then wiped off with a brush.

The next step in contouring the cheeks, forehead, jaw line like so. The contouring happens when you apply darker cream or powder foundation to the areas previously mentioned and shown below. You will then take another moist, not he same one used for the concealer, and blend out the darker color


Note: the lighter color in the image is where you would apply the concealer in the previous steps. You are welcomed to do both the contour and highlight at the same time if you wish then blend it all out. I haven’t made it that far in my journey.

So now you can proceed with all your normal makeup routine. Mine includes

So I know what you are thinking, how did it turn out. I will first share with you a picture of me today at my desk. This is under ugly florescent lights. Please excuse my hand, i have no idea what it was doing.IMG_4944

To me this picture is fine but I think I figured out what I was missing, why I wasn’t achieving my ItsRayeRaye makeup goals.


I figured that before left for work I would take a couple of shots on my cell phone in my DIY photography studio in my den. Soon to be used for filming more great DIY tutorial, NOT MAKEUP TUTORIAL lol.



Just like anything you see on TV, print, and now YouTube, they are using proper lighting. So here is what my final product looks like with proper lighting


Since I am not a beauty vlogger, I do not have a wonderful and awesome tutorial video. I will leave you with a helpful video from none other than ItsRayeRaye!  And as usual like and subscribe! Thanks for stopping by!

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