The Ugly Side of DIY

So, I think I have mentioned this before, you don’t always do it right (the first time). This past weekend I planned on providing you all with a full tutorial/get ready with me video. This was going to be my very first video on my YouTube Channel.  HOWEVER, I experienced the ugly side of doing it yourself, effin up!

In my previous post, you will see that I have “some” hair. I added some pieces to the front of my hair. I LOVE SHORT HAIR! So, I wanted to rock my pixie (true pixie) cut and add some color. Since I was going on Date Night with my husband, I said what a perfect time for my transformation.

My first mistake: I took a nap! I actually left work early, stopped by the beauty supply store to grab supplies, got some KFC, then headed home. After eating I decided to could lay down for a “few” minutes. Those minutes turned into an hour plus. Taking a nap took away from the time I would could spend on completing my goal. So when you want to start a project make sure you budget your time realistically! Especially when trying something new, you will need time to be able to take your time.

My second mistake: Often times I find out that I go into a project that overly confident. I have been doing my hair myself for years now. I feel like a have a grasp on all things my hair. Because I have successfully cut my hair before, I was confident I could do this without incident with no problem. When you’re completing a project that you have done before or have some experience in, still slow down, take your time, and give it thought as you go.

My last mistake: I used a new tool for the first time. This along with the previous mistake was what lead to my fail.  I was using new clippers along with guards. I have in the past used the my husband’s liners (please don’t tell him) to cut the back and sides of my hair. But I have never used clippers and guards to cut my full head. My biggest fail through this process is that I cut my hair really short. I was almost not able to curl it with my flat irons. When you add a new tool to your project be careful and make sure to test it out before you use it.

Ok, so I made a mistake, so what! IT HAPPENS.  When this happen be not discouraged, everyone makes mistakes. You just have to make sure that you get back up and think of ways to correct it or to make it work. As for my short short hair I simple curled the hair I could and kept the super short hair flat. I then added some “waves” to the side and the very front of my hair.

So here is what the finished product looks like:

The point of this long story is if you mess up, and you will, just keep going! Don’t let mistakes keep you from trying a new project or completing a project. Mistakes are just little detours on the road to completion! (I made that up but it sounds good)!

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