My DIY Dining Room Makeover

We moved in to our house almost one year ago. It was excellent condition when we bought the house but it could just use some updating. There was no way I could have done anything before we moved in, it was less than 2 weeks after I had a c-section. So our main goal was to get in and get settled.

A few months ago, I started doing some decorating in the dining room. I started doing this on a whim (like most of my decisions).  I was bored at work and was looking at Pintrest and came across this beauty.


I was not only able to find it online but it was on sale, so I decided to buy it! It was that rug that I designed my dining room decor around. As you can see in the picture below (please excuse the mess), there was nothing special or horrible about my dining room. I just needed something different in there. Something to make it pop.

Vertical blinds in the dining room…I know. Those were the first things to come down. And  yes the whole wall is mirrored. I did not want to take them down (waaaaay too much work) and they are in great condition. I knew that I wanted to paint the walls grey.  So, I took to Pintrest to get some inspiration for  grey and yellow dining room decor.

The table is a very basic oak color. Spoiler Alert:  it’s still that color. I have plans on painting the table white but just haven’t gotten around to it. I painted a table once before. I had to strip it and I just didn’t have it in me to do all of that work. I may do it one day but for now its basic oak.

Anywho, so know that I knew I wanted to grey walls, I need to think about accent colors. Since the rug had teal and yellow it only made sense to go with those colors. Once I had all that figured out I took to my favorite place on earth…AMAZON. My mother-in law has charges on her dining room table so naturally I had to jock (for those of you who are not slang fluent, that means to style ones idea or style). I went with a yellow place mat, silver charger, and patterned teal napkin.

The next piece that I bought was a buffet table. I knew I wanted white since the walls were going to be grey.  I actually cheated on my love, Amazon, and went on a hunt on Overstock. I did however, look for the the buffet table I found on Overstock on Amazon. It was cheaper on Overstock than Amazon, so I had to go where the deals are. Just as a note when shopping for home decor, Overstock was about $10 cheaper than Wayfair. It’s not a lot but that $10 adds up real quick when you are buying multiple things, or if you have to pay for shipping. Here’s the white buffet table I went with (under $100).


The last piece to this project was not planned. I was in Walmart looking through the fabrics and came across a grey, yellow, black, and white chevron printed fabric.


There was less than a full 2 yards available, so covering all 6 chairs was out the question. I was able to cover 4 of the 6 chairs. The fourth one was a struggle because I was working with very little fabric. I also bought some plastic to cover the chairs to protect from stains but i yet to cover them. I’m just not ready to turn into my grandmother.

I bought a few accessories to add to the room: two small canvas pictures with quotes on them, some teal vase fillers, and I a few candles I already had at the house.

So with further a do, here’s the finished product (I hate the lighting in there so the pictures are professional quality by no means, but you get the gist)

IMG_5192               IMG_5259   IMG_5260         IMG_5261IMG_5262         IMG_5263IMG_5264         IMG_5265IMG_5266

So that’s my dining room! Please leave me a comment of what you think about my decorating skills or if you have any suggestions as to what I can add to the space.  I plan on adding a gallery wall above the buffet table. Let me now if I should or if you have any pointers on designing one.

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7 thoughts on “My DIY Dining Room Makeover

  1. So beautiful! I redid my living room last year in the colors gray/teal and I love coming home because these colors give me such a relaxing/soothing atmosphere. I too am planning to redo my dining room so thank you for the inspiration. Gray and yellow pair so well together too & I love that rug!!


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