BeaFree’s Get To Know Series: Why Not DIY

Hello all! I wanted to do a really quick post. I was featured on the BeaFree blog in her Get To Know series. Please check it out! This was so much fun to do with her. If you would like to be featured in her Get To Know series, email Bea Freitas at Also, …

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How about we start with Mickey!

Welcome to the Why Not DIY blog! My name is Brandi, and I am here to guide through the DIY world. If you're asking "who is Brandi?" go over to the Meet Brandi page! You will learn that I am a new mother of a baby boy, Blake. The dessert table at Blake's baby shower was beautifully decorated (also a DIY but digress) with white wooden letters that spelled out his name. When I saw that I instantly thought "I'm going to paint those for his room".